Scott Wills & Associates


trade show exhibit

client: Amoco Chemical Company

  • problem: Encourage visitors to directly experience a range of products and applications
  • solution: Mount an interactive display organized around tactile, kinesthetic and visual interactive elements
  • dimensional

    product prototype

    client: Industrial Diamond Products

  • problem: Attract investors, customers and industry endorsements with a premarket sample of a new automotive lubricant for consumer and trade markets
  • solution: Produce a finished package system design and a test run of product samples for a marketing campaign
  • dimensional

    product package system

    client: Liquid Crystal Gallery

  • problem: Create a retail presence for a new line of DVDs
  • solution: Incorporate the product’s stunning imagery into a shelf-ready package systems that creates an appealing three-dimensional display of the product and readily allows additions to the line
  • dimensional

    product package system

    client: Leahy/IFP Co.

  • problem: Give a unified new look to several linked lines of institutional products
  • solution: Design a new package system using new photography, typography and color schemes to create a bright, health “consumer market” look
  • dimensional

    product package/point-of purchase display

    client: Vigor Nutriceutical Healthcare Inc.

  • problem: Present a discrete, reassuring message on a pharmaceutical product for men
  • solution: Use market-test data to develop a package that doubles as a point-of-purchase sample display
  • dimensional

    animation model

    client: Santa Fe Industries

  • problem: In an institutional commercial, a photomontage of company employees is to match-dissolve into a golden portrait medallion, which spins to reveal the company log in 3-D.
  • solution: Construct a three-dimensional sculpture of the portraits and the logo, then film it using computer assisted stop-motion animation!