How to Order

How to Order

 Here’s how the process works!

1. Get in touch

Complete and send a contact form to set up an initial phone consultation and request an estimate for your project. The form will let you briefly describe your creative project, input your contact information, and send a sample image to suggest how you would like your finished project to look.

2. Phone Consultation

In a scheduled phone conference, you and I will discuss your project in more detail. The information you share with me will enable me to give you an accurate cost estimate for your project. You will receive this estimate in an email after our conference, along with an agreement for you to read and approve.

3. Send project materials

Once you have approved the estimate, signed the agreement, and paid your deposit, your project will officially begin. You can then send me your materials: photos or other images, text, and detailed instructions in the guide and transmittal form that you will fill out. The form will guide you through the preparation of your materials so that they will arrive in good shape and ready to work with.  I’ll check the materials you send as soon as I receive them. If I spot any potential problems, such as low-resolution images or typos, I will contact you, and may ask you to resubmit some materials.

Project materials may be sent via:

Email to me: for large files or compressed file folders (free, up to 50 Mb as of this writing)

Upload to

Mail to: Scott Wills & Associates, 1849 W. Eddy Street, Chicago, IL 60657

4. Design

Based on your written instructions from the project guide form, I will create an original design to your specifications. Within a week from receipt of your project materials, you will receive a draft of your design by email, for approval. This is also your opportunity to check for placement of text, typos, and other needed fixes.

5. Final approval

Once you are satisfied with the design, I will create final artwork files to be sent to your printer, or uploaded to an online destination.

That’s the process in a nutshell.  It can take anywhere from a few days to weeks, depending on the schedule, the complexity of the project, the speed at which you are able to respond, and other factors.

For more details and other important information, please refer to the guide forms and the policy and terms and conditions statements.