You have a vision for your creative work and a story to tell about it.
I’m listening-and I speak your language.

I live and breathe design, but I’m also a published author and musician. I understand the importance of your creative work. Even though I’ve designed hundreds of packages and other marketing materials for my clients, each one presents a unique challenge—that’s one of the many reasons I love my job.

Here’s another reason: I love seeing my work contribute to the success of a book, recording, event or business. As you’ll read in the testimonials in my portfolio, my clients gain an energizing lift when their packaging concepts become visual reality. When you know you have a good-looking product, it gives you the confidence to promote it!

I’ve operated a graphic design studio for over 25 years, producing designs for all sorts of clients, from independent musicians to multi-national corporations. My fine art background and continuing involvement with the arts has given me a wealth of inspiration to draw from. I stay current with cultural and design trends so that my designs remain relevant in the contemporary marketplace.

The opportunity to accept new design challenges is always a thrill for me. I look forward to working with you, and helping to manifest your creative vision.

Scott Wills
Creative Director, GotUCvrd.com