Logo Design

Logo Design

Identify yourself, your product, or your business with a one-of-a-kind trademark!

I’ve designed hundreds of logos—with no two alike—for bands, businesses, publishers, and special events. They are fun to design, and it’s even more fun to see my clients proudly display them on stationery, banners, t-shirts and websites.

What are the qualities that distinguish a memorable logo?

  • It should represent your business in a unique way, and reflect the personality of the business.
  • It should distinguish your business from others.
  • It should function well in a variety of media (package cover, t-shirt, video, etc.) and sizes (postage stamp to billboard).
  • It should be simple enough to be instantly recognizable, yet interesting enough to command attention.
  • It should display equally well in color and black-and-white.
  • The type should be easily readable, and compatible with the image
  • It should be strong enough to stand up next to other logos displayed on the same page.

Just use the convenient form to send me a description of your logo concept; you can attach a sample image to show the style you are seeking. I’ll gladly quote on designing a unique logo for you.