DVD packaging

Give your DVD the professional look it needs to stand out, on the shelf or online.
I’ve got you covered!

Retail buyers or renters, distributers, festival juries all respond to a well-designed DVD package.
DVD packaging presents special challenges. The front and back covers, disc, and ancillary materials all need complementary yet slightly different designs, appropriate to the DVD’s content. Boxed sets need a unifying theme to tie them together visually. The goal is a combination of color, type, and images that reflect the character of your video work, the message you want to convey, or the story you want to tell.
From a simple sleeve to a multi-page insert, I’ll produce a design that is unique to your video project. Ancillary materials such as printed or pdf workbooks, user guides, catalogs, and posters are no problem; I can adapt the package art to any usage.

I offer design expertise based on long and successful experience with video producers, performers, educators and marketers. Put that expertise to work for your next project! I can prepare finished art to specifications for any disk manufacturer; in fact, I’ve worked with most of the major ones.

Take a look at the process, and then contact me to get started on your new DVD package design.