Here’s what my clients have to say:

CD Packaging

“Thank you for all of your help. It was my pleasure to work with you.”
Mary Grill, Voice-over talent

“My stuff came out really nice!”
Jeff Lupetin, Voice-over talent, comedian

“Scott, What can I say? Thanx 4 the AMAZING work. The CDs just arrived and I sent one off to U. The art looks really great. The whole thing has that retro tint to it and looks great. Thanx again for a stellar job. Enjoy.”
Vinnie Zummo, Musician
Cover Illustration by Tony Troiano Orazio Fotografik

“Hi Scott,
I just received the CD you worked on for Vinnie Zummo and thought to drop you a line about the cover work you provided for the back and the inset. Great work! You really captured the flavor Vinnie wanted me to do for the front cover and carried it on throughout the entire package. Everyone and their sister seems to be receiving copy credit for their musical input and you managed to fit it all in seamlessly.
It looks fabulous…hopefully we can work again on another project at some future date.”

Tony Troiano, Orazio Fotografik, photographer

“It looks wonderful. Many blessings; thank you”
Palmer Tolly, Singer/songwriter

“Scott, Just wanted to pass along a copy of this email I received from Discmakers. You’re the greatest! I already knew that, but it’s always nice to know that someone else thinks so too. I’d like to agree to allow them to use the project in their advertising. I think that’s OK for me to decide, but I wanted to make sure with you. If I remember correctly, you said I could use it however I like. Anyway, I thought this was a nice compliment, so congratulations! Thanks.”
Liane WillIams, Voice-over talent

“Dear Liane, This email is a follow-up to my recent phone call about your project “Comin’ Through”. We were so struck by this project that we are asking your permission to showcase it in our marketing materials. We want to feature your project as an example of a packaging style that was done exceptionally well, and that is above industry standards.”
Joe Roman Disc Makers

“Thanks so much for your creative insight! I’m so excited to get this baby out! The design is perfect! Also—thank you for fast, efficient service, and all of your time. It is a pleasure doing business with you. Much success in your future!”
Kathy Keyes, Voice-over talent, producer

“The CD looks wonderful! It was a pleasure working with you, and there are compliments all around on your wonderful design. The children whose faces were on the cover were overjoyed!”
Mary Brown, Director, Evanston Children’s Choir

“The album is finally mixed. Now we master. The art work fits the music SO PERFCTLY!!! It’s uncanny what a perfect fit the music is for the images. Thanx so much for all the AMAZING work.”
Vinnie Zummo, Musician
Seth Cashman, Photographer

“Can’t wait to see it. Gotta say Seth Cashman took a great photo of you and from what I’ve seen Scott Wills is a talented and droll artistic director.”
Catherine Sebastian, Photographer

“Thanks, Scott. I’ve got to tell you I’ve received several positive comments about the package design. Let’s hope I can turn those into some business!”
Jay Branson, Voice-over talent

“I’m loving all the work U did. A very classy looking layout. By the way the more I see it the more I LOVE the CD label. Great work. It’s just perfect. Sets the tone for the whole album. I’m amazed at how U solved the “where to put the UPC” dilemma. It works perfectly. I was trying to guess how U would do it and never saw that one coming!
Thanx 4 your patience. U are the best!

Vinnie Zummo, Musician
Seth Cashman, Photographer

“Fantastic! I love it! Thanks so much for your work on this – it is going to be a great CD cover -(my producer’s) reaction was that he would definitely pick it up out of the rack to give it a further look – this is what we want!”
Al Jewer, Musician

“I’m thrilled with the artwork for Falling Free…it feels just right. Awesome!”
Andy Mitran musician, producer

You have done an incredible job Scott. Particularly with all our little comments and feedbacks.”

Paul Kachoris psychologist, poet

“Scott–thanks for all your work on this! I really enjoyed the opportunity to work with you, and I really like the way the graphics turned out! I certainly appreciate your judgment!”
Dr. Alan Eachus, Voiceover talent


Hey, Scott,
“Thought you’d like to see this from a friend of mine: ‘Your new website is EXTRAORDINARY! Wow, Louise, it is really incredible – warm, inviting, engaging and easy to navigate. LOVE IT!! Congratulations!!!’ Thanks for your patience. I love my site!”

Louise Dimiceli-Mitran, LPC, MA, MT-BC, FAMI, Music Psychotherapy

Dear Scott:
“I am supremely pleased with the website you designed for me: noelpaulhertz.com. I have received rave reviews from both colleagues and my clients about its professional look. and its ease of use. You have always pleased me with your design work for organizations I represent and for my own practice, but this current work is even better than in the past. Thank you.”

Noel Hertz, MS, LMFT, LSW

“Dear Scott, Just thought it might be nice to pass along some of the feedback I’ve received since announcing the site about 24 hours ago. I am quoting various emails:
> “gorgeous”
> “impressive layout”
> “fantastic”
> “a beautiful site”
> “i love its simplicity and essence”
> “looks very professional”
This is exactly what we were aiming for, no? Many congratulations on your wonderful work. You are the best, thanks so much.”

Kati Agocs Composer


“Perfect! Thank you!”
Gina Ferrone, Special Events Coordinator, JDRF

“You are a true design master–and fast, to boot!”
Lauren Deutsch, Executive Director, Jazz Institute of Chicago