Frequently Asked Questions

How will you, the designer, know what I want?

Just tell me! First, send me a message using the contact form and briefly describe your project. You can include an image file that shows the visual style you’re after. You can also schedule a phone consultation with me so that we can discuss your ideas in more detail.

When you’re ready to begin the project, fill out a design information guide form and send it in with your text and images. The form will allow you to specify where things should go on your design, and other instructions as well.

How will I be able to see the design?

Upon receipt an evaluation of your materials, I will begin the design process. I will email you a pdf approval proof of your design concept in 3-5 business days. Large or complex jobs may take a bit longer. Your estimate for the project includes one round of alterations to the original concept shown in the proof and specified by your instructions.

How many design concepts will you show me?

I will base my estimate, and the design concept shown in the proof, on the information you give me for that concept. If you would like to see more concepts, or variations on the original one, I will be glad to prepare these for an additional fee.

Will I be charged for changes?

There is no charge for minor corrections or alterations to text or design. However, it is important to follow guidelines when preparing and submitting your materials, so that additional fees and time will not be necessary.

What if I just don’t like the design?

If I fail to produce work that is of a consistently professional quality, or if I produce a design that does not match your instructions, you will receive a full refund of your deposit.

I’m not sure what I want. How can you help?

It is often helpful to browse books, magazines, or the web for visual ideas and visual references of style, imagery, color, type font, or concept that you like. Having these references can help me to arrive at the perfect solution for you as well.

Another method that may help is for us to brainstorm together during our phone conversation. I’m glad to suggest ideas. Once we hit on one you like, you can describe it in you design guide when you send in your project materials.

Can you match the font I want to use?

I have an extensive font library, and most likely will have the typeface you need.

I don’t have any photos or artwork to use. What then?

No problem. Once we have a sense of the imagery you need, there are plenty of options. I may suggest some ways for you to obtain your own photos. A little research may turn up some stock images that will do the trick (I have a large photo and illustration stock library, too). Or I can build you something from scratch!

Can I use my finished designs any way I wish?

Absolutely. Once final payment for the project is received, you are free to use the designs in any way.

What happens to design files from my project?

I keep all project files stored safely in my archives; so, if you need to revisit the project later, the files will be ready for you. If you need the work files for your own use, I can provide them to you for a small additional fee.